Working Relationships

Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie
Pierce Brosnan, Christopher Lee
Charlton Heston, Richard Johnson
Mickey Rourke, Bob Hoskins, Alan Bates
Liam Neeson, Glenda Jackson
Ben Kingsley, Michael Gambon
Helena Bonham Carter, Kim Basinger
Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Widmark
Barbara Parkins, Rod Steiger, Lee Remick
Trevor Howard, Edward Fox, Britt Ekland
Diane Cilento, Hildegard Neil
Fernando Rey, Jason Robards Jr
Sir John Gielgud, Robert Vaughn
Michael Redgrave, Laurence Harvey
Gene Barry, Joan Collins, Richard Todd
Suzanna Leigh, Patrick Swayze
Christian Bale, Oliver Reed, Sharon Stone
Richard Crenna, Peter Fonda
Maud Adams, Keir Dullea, Rachel Roberts
Celia Johnson, Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Billy Dee Williams, Susannah York
Peter Cushing, Joseph Cotten

Harold Pinter, Alistair MacLean
Anthony Shaffer, Robert Bolt
Tom Stoppard

A candid interview with Peter Snell
during the making of Alistair MacLean’s
Bear Island in 1978, which he, along with
his international cast and crew, admits as
being the toughest, coldest, most
challenging and expensive movie
he’d ever produced to date

Link: The Making Of Alistair MacLean's Bear Island - The Movie

Peter Snell on IMDB:

Peter Snell with Martha Hyer on
Some May Live (1967)
On the set of Goodbye Gemini
with Judy Geeson (1970)
With Charlton Heston on set of
Antony & Cleopatra (1972)
On location with Trevor Nunn
Lady Jane (1986)