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The Wicker Tree
Robin Hardy, Writer & Director
Robin Hardy
Writer & Director
Peter Snell, Producer
Peter Snell
Peter Watson-Wood, Producer
Peter Watson-Wood
Alastair Gourlay, Executive Producer
Alastair Gourlay
Executive Producer
The Wicker Tree
Two young
missionaries from
Texas (Brittania Nicol,
Henry Garrett) head to
Scotland to
educate the Scottish
heathens in the way of
Christ. They are
initially charmed by the
locals in the town of
Tressock, and agree to
become the local
Queen of the May and
Laddie for the annual
town festival. But the
couple are not
prepared for the
consequences of
their decision, and the
disturbing secrets they
are to discover
about Tressock's
seemingly friendly

Robin Hardy is a distinguished and well respected British author and film director. His most well known directorial work is The Wicker Man (1973) which now enjoys cult status for its paganism, humour and horror sequences. It has been likened as the Citizen Kane of Horror movies by both critics and cineastes worldwide. Remarkably, he has only two other film credits to his name. He wrote and directed The Fantasist (1986) about an Irish woman who finds herself drawn to a stranger who is a suspected serial killer. He also wrote Forbidden Sun (1989) in which Lauren Hutton plays an Olympic gymnastic coach and one of her female students is assaulted bizarre and sinister circumstances. He won the Grand Prize at the New York Film Festival for his film Workability. A decade later he won the Grand Prix at the Paris Festivals des Films Fantastiques et Science Fiction for The Wicker Man, which then went on to win the award for Best Horror Film at the Academy of Science Fiction and Horror Films in Hollywood. The Wicker Man was produced by long time associate, Peter Snell, as is Hardy's latest movie, The Wicker Tree, a film adaptation of one of his own novels, Cowboys for Christ, which he retitled for the movie. He both wrote and directed The Wicker Tree.

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Peter Watson-Wood founded Matador Pictures with Nigel Thomas and went on to produce or executive produce many feature films through Matador, including Another Life, Ashes And Sand, and Chaos & Cadavers. In 2005 Matador produced or co-produced four films, including the Ken Loach film, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, winner of the Palme D’Or at Cannes in 2006. In 2006 he formed PWW Productions, the first venture being Tales Of The Riverbank, a puppet/animatronic family film, based on the much loved TV Series. Alongside Peter Snell, he produced The Wicker Tree.

Alastair Gourlay is a Producer and Managing Director of Park Drive Pictures Ltd. He spent five years in America where he produced and directed numerous short films which have been selected for various film festivals. He produced Bums In The Mist which became a festival favourite premiering at the US Comedy Arts Festival sponsored by HBO, and enjoyed considerable success at major international film festivals worldwide. On returning to the UK he began raising finance for feature films. He is Executive Producer on The Wicker Tree.

The Wicker Tree movie
Brittania Nicol as 'Beth'
Brittania Nicol
as Beth
Henry Garrett as 'Steve'
Henry Garrett
as Steve
Graham McTavish as 'Sir Lachlan Morrison'
Graham McTavish
as Sir Lachlan Morrison
Jacqueline Leonard as 'Lady Delia Morrison'
Jacqueline Leonard
as Lady Delia Morrison
Clive Russell as 'Beame'
Clive Russell
as Beame
Christopher Lee as 'The Wise Old Man'
Christopher Lee
as The Wise Old Man
The Wicker Tree movie credits