Saturday Night And Sunday Morning is a 1960 British film. An adaptation of the 1958 novel of the same name by Alan Sillitoe. Sillitoe wrote the screenplay adaptation and the film was directed by Karel Reisz. The film is among the first of the so- cial-realist or "kitchen sink dramas" which followed the success of the play Look Back in Anger. Others include Tony Richardson's (a producer on this film) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (from Alan Sillitoe's 1959 collection of short stories of the same name) and A Taste of Honey; and John Schlesinger's A Kind of Loving and Billy Liar. It was at the forefront of the British New Wave, films dealing with working class issues in a serious manner for the first time, and portraying the more realistic side of issues such as sex and abortion. The film received an X rating from the BBFC upon its theatrical release and later was submitted for re-rating for the home video release and given a PG rating.
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (1960)